I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Larry. He helped me to increase my emotional management skills. With the skills I learned, I have let go of old emotional baggage so that I am free to grow. I gained new insights and feel much clearer.  My coaching experience with Larry has given me the confidence to go after what I want in my life and my career.

Quinn C.

Before using the Pondera Process, I was overwhelmed by life. I was consumed by my problems at work and felt very alone. My thinking was unclear and I was in need of perspective.

During my time with Larry and using the Pondera Process, I regained perspective. I recaptured my connection to God. I realized I was not alone and that I can draw strength from the Holy Spirit.

Life continues to be a journey filled with ups and downs. With the power of the Holy Spirit and my connection to this power through the Pondera Process I can once again enjoy life.

Marzel N.

Four years ago, I was suffering and my health was out of balance. I would wake up every morning feeling fearful, feeling sick, lacking energy and confused about everything. I didn’t have inspiration for anything. I never had the courage to do the things I’ve always wanted to do in my career. Doctors told me, “nothing is wrong with you”… but I felt sick, tired and no desire for anything. I felt like I was going crazy at one point. I would pray every day for help.

The first time I went through the Pondera Process, it was the most wonderful experience I had EVER had. I remember feeling such a beautiful peace coming from the light of the sun. I remember the wind was caressing my body, mind and soul, letting me know that everything is going to be alright, that I can overcome my fears and that I am surrounded by an amazing loving light. It’s a feeling that is hard to put into words, at that time all I could do was cry for the Love I was receiving.  I kept going back to Larry and using the Pondera Process for a few months and every time was different, but one thing never changed… a feeling of deep unconditional love that was coming from all over the place, the trees, the wind, the ground and from the Universe itself.

I have been practicing the Pondera Process for 3 years and I can’t tell you how much it has changed my life. I am no longer scared for my life. I wake up every morning being filled with gratitude. I can express love and kindness with many people, know that I am loved and know that I do matter in this life. I have learned to put boundaries for those who don't have  good intentions towards me. I am accomplishing my dreams within the fashion industry and have opened up my own massage practice. I feel confident that I can do anything I put my all into and know that I will be taken care of. I am filled with much gratitude for all the work that Larry and the Pondera Process have done in my life and I will continue using it and sharing it with all those who are seeking help.

Rocio P.

I have used the Pondera Process to address a number of issues in my life, but certainly the most dramatic results issued from the process to diffuse old resentments. One tenacious frustration going back some forty years concerned my loaning a valuable item to a person who not only lost it, but then resented my holding him accountable. The other more recently involved a person who misused his considerable authority in such a way as to cause a huge rift in a cherished organization. I simply could not think of either of these individuals without seething. I could not let them go; the personal pain was too deep. It was most discouraging.

Then I subjected each individual to the Pondera Process, and it truly was as if a large burden had been lifted off my chest. I remember sitting in my chair after having dealt with the first individual, and feeling a kind of freedom from years of bondage. I could bring up the person’s image in my mind without triggering the anger, frustration, and resentment that had been present for so long.

The following week I handled the second individual using the Pondera Process. Same enlightening result.

It is a great gift to me to be out from under the emotional blackmail of those two individuals (neither of whom was aware of my anger, I’m sure). Although I had struggled on my own to forgive them and move on, I had been unsuccessful, and that in itself was most frustrating. But now I am free. Thank you Pondera Process.

Paul K.

Before my introduction to the Pondera Process, life challenges could overwhelm me. So I had a history of that.   Self-inflicted pressure to get ahead also made things worse.

With the Pondera Process I began to learn how to make adjustments in my reactions to all sorts of situations, instead choosing to reach for spiritual peace and serenity.

With practice, I learned to embrace a calmer, more peaceful way of living, my well-being improving day by day. It has become a matter of working from peace and serenity, and then moving outward into the world. The greatest benefit was to realize that this experience was always there for me. It doesn't necessarily eliminate the bumps in life, but does allow me to be much more effective in looking after my emotional well-being. Now when things get tough, I know to step back, call up the Pondera Process and return to a quiet state that offers reassurance and peace.

Hale A.

Two years ago, I developed a rare, very painful, autoimmune disease. At that point in my life, I was experiencing many unrecognized (by me) stressors which quite possibly triggered the disease.

Six months later, Larry was recommended to me. I was very doubtful that he could help, but I trusted the person who made the recommendation. We began Face Time coaching and training sessions. With Larry’s guidance, I looked at deep seated issues in my life, my responses to people, and acceptance issues. By going through various components of the Pondera Process daily, my life began to refocus. My relationship with God was strengthened as every breath in & out became prayers for healing, of praise, of thanksgiving.

While Pondera did not cure me, Larry has given me coping mechanisms which have enabled me to lessen the pain & discomfort and live a more normal life with less severe attacks. Friends have commented on how much happier & calmer I appear to be. Thanks Larry, for teaching me I don’t have to be everything to everybody!

Becky S.

Following surgery for colon cancer and sepsis I felt very down and did not care about living. While using the Pondera Process I found the black cloud lifting and my will to live returning. I also used the Ponder Process for my physical issues and the doctors were amazed at how rapidly I recovered.

As a result of using this Process for my initial problems, I have found that my outlook on life and living is more positive and I am able to help others. My attitude of gratitude has greatly improved. Thank you for showing me the Pondera Process.

Madeline B.

Before using the Pondera Process, I was emotionally bankrupt. I'm a recovering addict and had been working in the field of addiction for 25 years at the same place where I had gained the tools and a better understanding of my addiction. I was comfortable working in this environment and loved watching women transform their lives. But when I lost my job of 25 years, I lost my self-worth and self-esteem, I felt as if my life was over and I no longer had a purpose or reason to live. Funny thing is that I did not want to use drugs or drink, but I contemplated many running my car off a cliff. I felt like a lost soul that was just existing and occupying space on this earth. Somehow, someone which I choose to call "God my Divine" led me to Larry and group of loving individuals that were processing their life experiences through the Pondera Process. I began to implement the Pondera Process in my daily morning meditation and joined the circle on a weekly basis.

While using the Pondera Process, I had a breakthrough "A spiritual awakening" that made me realize I was a genuine, loving and caring person that has a lot to offer others. I realized that my story of recovery was powerful and my story of falling down financially after losing my job could help many. I began to feel worthy once again and began to fill my soul with life, I began to feel that I could love others once again and allowed myself to open up and prepare myself to receive the love of others. All I wanted was to feel alive and worthy.

As a result of using the Pondera Process, I began to feel worthy and alive. I began to feel God in my life again....I never stopped believing in God, but i did not feel His presence during my moments of despair and now I could feel Him stronger than ever around me.  I could hear Him whispering to me telling me everything was going to be OK and that things would get better. Gradually, my life began to come together, not exactly the way I wanted it too, but the way God felt was best for me. The Pondera Process helped me to see my life differently, helped me to let go of what served me no purpose, to let go of negative thoughts, to let go of negative individuals and past experiences. Once I was able to surrender and let go of all negativity and obstacles, I was able to allow good and positive energy and positive influences to flow freely into my life. I AM NO LONGER CRIPPLED BY MY PAST.

Doreen G.

Feeling ‘stuck’? This can help. Feeling better is reality, not theory.

Ann S.

I can’t thank you enough for your help. I was better in two days, and am totally pain free.

Linda G.

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