With energy work I have noticed that my positive outlook has increased.  I have noticed that my gratitude towards the good things in my life has brought on more good things.  I have noticed that my overall perspective has changed and caused me to no longer be at a standstill in my life/recovery.


"Due to this process, I have started to do a lot of things that I had been procrastinating on for a very long time.  It ahs helped with getting in touch with my Higher Power.”


“I’ve noticed a great deal more serenity in my life.  My focus is on important things that I can accomplish with joy.  I appreciate myself a lot more and I am a more grateful person.  I have enriched and deepened my relationships.”

Bill D.

“My experience with Larry and energy work has been very surprising and rewarding.  I have been using energy tools for over six months now and am sure it’s helping me on several different levels.

My awareness of the energy flow in my body is something I never before experienced.

I whole heartedly believe anyone who tries it will have many positive outcomes.

Try it!!  You will be glad you did.”

Bill M.

“Energy work has the effect of relaxing, centering, and focusing me.  Being in that frame of mind puts me in a position of positively helping myself and receiving the help available to me.”


“I have attempted recovery a number of times over the last 10 years.  I only have 60 days sober, however this is the most peace and calm I have felt in a long time.  Stress has always played a huge part in past relapses.  And I believe energy work is the main reason I feel such a calm.  I also know that due to the energy work, my mind is so much clearer with such a short time sober.  It has helped me let go of things I thought impossible.”